Trump Quotes

Hi everybody! Some of you may be wondering "who is TV's Jeff and what does he do?". Let me shed some light on that.


I am a creator of online viral content. I am a one-man think-tank, coming up with comedy ideas that take the internet by storm. You know those funny email forwards you get? Funny pictures of Minions that get shared on Facebook? That is viral content--and I would estimate that 74% of the uncredited viral content you've seen or shared was originally created by me. (Getting credit for this work is not the point. I only live to see my creations spring forth upon the world.)


With that said, I am currently trying to cash in on the trend of overlaying Trump quotes on pictures of other figures for comedic value. Here are a few ideas. Let's see what sticks:

Trump Quotes as Said by Billy Mays

Trump is always making outlandish claims. Wouldn't these quotes sound much much better coming from beloved infomercial spokesperson Billy Mays?

Trump Quotes as Said by Former NFL Coach Jim Mora Sr

Jim Mora Sr was well known for his outrageous overreactions during post-game press conferences. Don't these Trump quotes make a lot more sense coming from him?

Trump Quotes as Said by a Sarcastic Teenage Girl

Trump Quotes as Said by Barney the Dinosaur

Donald Trump is full of love, just like Barney the Dinosaur!

Other Presidential Quotes as Said by Trump

This is breaking from the format, a bit, but I thought this might be fun. What if we took other great quotes from former Presidents and credited them to Donald Trump? Just imagining him being this articulate is good for a laugh.

And that's all I have for now. If you like any of these images, feel free to propagate. No need to credit me or this fine website!