Bizarre Japanese Snacks You Have To See To Believe!

Dog Flavored Kit Kat

You read that right! Japan is well known for their love of Kit Kats, with a wide variety of unusual flavors. Some of the more ridiculous flavors include green tea, cherry-blossom-cheddar, maple-wasabi, and--you guessed it--dog!


Price: ¥12.500 (Approximately $4 US)

Kit Kat Flavored Dog

Dog bites man? That's nothing special. Man bites dog? Now THERE'S a headline!


Everybody knows that dogs are commonly eaten in most Asian cultures. On special occasions, Japanese families will stuff the meaty carcass full of sweet delicious Kit Kat bars. Incredible!


Price: ¥38.400 (Approximately $28 US)

Panty Juice

The beverage of choice for every apologetic businessman on the go!


Panty Juice is real Japanese schoolgirl underwear, lovingly squeezed and bottled, mixed with fermented eel piss to give it a fizzy edge.


(Available in pulp-free and extra-pulp varieties.)


Price: ¥40 (Approximately $2 US)

Face Ice Cream

Durian flavored ice cream with an entire face in each carton. Some varieties have a face that happened to be eating Kit Kats at the time of death:


Price: ¥7.000 (Approximately $5 US)

 Tentacle Fuck Burger

This unique hamburger comes with a live octopus on it! And that octopus is fucking a woman with one of its tentacles while you eat it.


Costing a whopping 1.4 million Yen, this makes it one of Japan's priciest burgers. Despite this, it is one of the top selling burgers among tourists.


Price: ¥1.400.000 (Approximately $31 US)

 Tentacle Fuck Burger Flavored Kit Kat

All of the fun seen above, now in a Kit Kat bar. I SAID EAT IT


Price: ¥70 (Approximately $2.01 US)

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